How are "SCORE"(s) assigned to Submissions - writes "How are "SCORE"(s) assigned to Submissions - What exactly gets "Calculated"..
Does Higher mean better...
Does it have any effect on whether a submission is "Accepted" or "Rejected"...
Instead of the term "Rejected"
Could we consider "Declined" as an option :)"

Actually I've been meaning to change "Rejected" for quite some time, I just forget. So, yes, good idea, and I changed that to "Sorry".
Now, as to the why...

The FAQ which I need to update, does a good job of explaining it. There's no score on the submissions, we read them, and if it looks good it gets posted. Sometimes it's obviously bad, and it gets deleted right away. Usually the ones we're not quite sure about sit in the queue for a while until a few of us have had a look. If no one posts it after maybe a week or so I usually delete it.
Unfortunatly, it's an either-or thing, either it getes posted, or it gets deleted.
Shlashdot is famous for not posting people's submissions. I think we use most of what we get, but not always.
I get yelled at for not posting stuff, and I get yelled at for posting stuff.


Just speaking for myself. Generally, I will not post anything that is a huge block of text that has been cut and pasted directly from a story published elsewhere. If it's from a new submitter (remembering my graceless early submissions), I will cut some slack, and sometimes send an e-mail suggesting how to make the submission more easily useable. I also shy away from super techy stuff that I don't feel qualified to edit. My biggest challenge is with poorly written submissions. I appreciate that people take the time to write story summaries, rather than just posting a link or swiping already published text, but sometimes it takes a lot to clean up the post, while keeping the flavor of the submitter's work.

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