The Hat Thing

Today we're having a staff potluck, and our social committee declared it "Hat Day". Everyone is supposed to wear a hat.
I really get into things like this. I love dressing up and being goofy. I wore a big black cowboy hat, and I brought along a selection of other hats from home, in case folks forgot or wanted to pick something different. It's really interesting to me how much people change when they have a hat on. I'm reminded of the Bugs Bunny cartoon ["Bugs'Bonnets" - 1956] where a hat truck turns over on the highway and Elmer and Bugs keep having new headwear fall on them. Each time, their personality changes to match what's on their head, ending with a bridal veil and top-hat wedding.
As I wear this faux-Stetson, I can tell that I walk differently. I talk differently. Patrons look at me differently (I guess that one's pretty obvious). It's an enlightening experience.

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