:S It's the middle of the semester. I thought the 'scary' projects were done. I was totally wrong. :O There are midterms!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. LOL I'll get back to reading ......... at this point I'm juggling school, work and the baby. School work continues, work is fine and the baby is officially 2 years old.

The fiancee finally understands the difficulties of juggling home work and school. He's really pitching in! That means I can take a short break when I get home. Yay!

Over the past month, I learned how to use powerpoint - very cool application. I'm still trying to learn HTML on my own - I couldn't go to all the workshops by the LIS Web Team at school - oh well - maybe I can attend them next semester.

Currently, in Intro to Information and Reference we just finished a search exercise on bibliographies. Our last exercise was on encyclopedias. Overall - really interesting and informative class.

time to read ....... :S or sleep LOL


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