ugh, feels like I'm a student again

I've got an interview in exactly 4 days. It's a job that I am (in theory) qualified for... however, I am spending my freetime studying for the interview.
Has anyone ever had to do that?

It's a metadata librarian job. They are looking for someone to be a young expert on metadata. I am familiar with the issues surrounding metadata but not working in a very professionally nurturing environment I haven't been able to pursue it with any focus. Any advice from anyone on how to cram a semesters worth of metadata stuff in my head over a weekend?


Hmmm... Is this job in a place known for it's Ivy & Gorges? I've seen a job posted in such a place for quite some time, and I hear this place is alot of hard work, but very rewarding.As for the studying... I'd hope your experience got you in, and the interview won't requre a written test or anything! Just make sure you are able to discuss the topic intelligently, history, and especially what's happening now, name some big projects, listservs, and people who are doing some cool things in the field.If it's a typical academic interview you won't be able to BS your way through an 8 hour interview.most of all they have to like YOU. All other things being equal, if the committee likes you, you get the job.

I agree with Blake's advice, especially about the not being able to BS your way through an 8 hour interview. Those are brutal. Take a granola bar in your bag or something if you start to crash from having low blood sugar.

I'd just say, that usually, the search committee wants to like you and see you have a sucessful interview.

Remember that you are interviewing them to see if you even want to work there - if they are hiring you for a job in an area where you don't have tons and tons of experience, how much time for professional development would you get? Would they send you off to fun metadata conferences or pay for extra training?

Make sure you tell us how the interview went!

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