NC Book Thief on the Prowl

Bob Cox forwarded this along with this warning: \"Granted this is North Carolina orientated, but these \'people\' have a habit
of crossing state borders.\"

\"Several libraries in our area, Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, and Iredell so far, have probably been victimized by a book thief.  She is very clever and evidently has had no trouble obtaining a library card in all these libraries as she presents identification.  She has given the following names, April Bumgardner, Newyum, Hudson, Nelson, & Coleman so far.  All the above libraries have overdue books checked out by this lady that unfortunately number more than 600 items so far.  She used to work at a bookstore and it appears that many of these items are listed on her Internet site for sale.
Our local law enforcement authorities have been informed and are working on the case, but it will likely be a while before any action is taken. Just wanted to let the rest of you out there know and to be forewarned.
The Catawba County Sheriffs department is probably the lead law enforcement agency on the case and I\'ve been dealing with officer Justin Crooks.  His voice no. is 828 465-8344.  Unfortunately, he\'s taking the Memorial Day holiday & won\'t be back until next week.

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