Methodist Ministry Be Damned, It's Full Speed Ahead on Bush Library at SMU

Baltimore Sun reports: Southern Methodist University says it has all the permission it needs from the United Methodist Church to proceed with negotiations for the placement of President Bush's planned presidential library and public policy institute at the university campus in Dallas.

"We're not concerned because we fundamentally disagree with what the possibilities are of their actions," Brad Cheves, SMU's vice president of development and external affairs, told the campus newspaper (Any LISNewsters understand that sentence?).

"SMU and Bush are 'dead certain,' but they are dead wrong,'' said Andrew Weaver, a Methodist minister in New York who is among the protesters of the Bush library plans. The 290 members of the Methodist southern regional council are "mostly progressives and moderates,'' Weaver says, suggesting that their vote of approval for the library is "up for grabs.''


I believe it means "We're not worried, because there's nothing they can do to stop it, even if they think they can"

Someone at the Baltimore Sun has their knickers in a twist almost as much as the poster of this story regarding the SMU bid for the Bush Library.

SMU says it has all its ducks in a row and some left-wing group wants more people to sign an online petition.

Half a page of retired bishops does not seem to be 'Methodist Ministry be Damned' to me.

A Presidential Library is a wonderful asset to any university and SMU has the appropriate approval from its stakeholders. As anyone can see SMU truly allows its students to grow and learn by presenting all viewpoints. Students are encouraged to draw their own conclusions. Can a school that has hosted Jimmy Cater, Al Gore and Barbara Walters turn into something to be feared because it opens the GW Bush Presidential Library. I hardly think so.

So those small minded members of the ministry and the others who signed the petition to stifle academic inquiry, those who wish to challenge academic freedom with their inconsequential petition, no one really cares. SMU has done its due diligence, it has the needed approvals, and it is moving forward as rapidly as possible in its bid to open an invaluable resource for the study the Bush Presidency.

Why are we reposting very similar stories every few days now?

I'd prefer you leave my knickers out of this discussion and henceforth.

OK I'll substitute the Knicks :)

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