Dollar parity angers Canadian book buyers


Bookworms north of the border are likely to ratchet up their complaints about the U.S. imports, now that the shrinking U.S. dollar and rising Canadian dollar met at value parity last week.
Prices there have been a lightning rod for scrutiny, partly because both U.S. and Canadian prices for the same book typically are on the dust jacket. While the U.S. dollar historically has had a higher value than Canada's, Canadian prices for books typically have been higher than exchange rates alone could explain.


Here is a link to Greenspan's book on /dp/1594201315

Here is a link to the book at w-World/dp/1594201315

Links so you can see the current price difference on a book.

For a while now, a number of comic book stores, in Toronto at least, have been charging the U.S. cover price for comics. This is a difference between $3.99 and $4.75. (For those who don't buy comics.)

Charging US dollars (in Toronto)? Or charging $3.99 CDN?Your post lacks clarity, and I'm not sure if what you've implied is what's really going on.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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