Friends Try to Stomp Out Apathy for the Jackson MI Library

Friends of the Jackson, MI library are spreading the word to promote a tax rate increase to support their libraries. This article from the Jackson Citizen Patriot reports on their efforts to try to get the word out to the public about the library millage (i.e., tax; relates to local community fund raising to match federal funds for specific projects) said president of Friends of the Carnegie Library Nancy McCormick.

On Aug. 7, the Jackson District Library will ask voters to approve a 0.8 millage increase over 20 years for a $28 million expansion plan. Because of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, library employees cannot ask people to vote 'yes' on the millage during work hours. All they can do is share information about the millage.

However people decide to vote, the Aug. 7 election turnout is expected to be low.

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