LibraryThing: A Social Cataloging Web Site


Video of presentation by Tim Spalding, the founder of LibraryThing.
Here is the overview of the program at the Library of Congress site.
The Library of Congress presents a program in its "Digital Future & You" series featuring LibraryThing, a social cataloging and social networking Web site.

Speaker Biography: Tim Spalding is the founder of the social cataloging website, LibraryThing. Before starting LibraryThing, he was a graduate student in Greek and Latin at the University of Michigan, worked for Houghton-Mifflin publishers in Boston, and as a freelance web developer and web publisher. He lives in Portland, Maine, with his wife, HarperCollins author Lisa Carey.

Above was the direct link to the video. This link goes to the LOC page and has the synopsis and also has a link to the video.

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