Rochester Library agrees to Internet restrictions

The Rochester Public Library will go along with recommendations from a task force to ban pornographic Web sites at city libraries after the county's library system agreed to the policy in May.

The city's library board was torn over whether to agree to the task force recommendations, but relented in order to preserve $6.6 million in county aid. Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks threatened to pull the money if the Central Library didn’t ban pornographic Web sites there.


Reminds me of Major Dreedle and the "loyalty oath" in Catch 22.Political correctness in librarianship has led to "intellectual freedom mission creep," where library directors earnestly explain to the community that pornography is "protected speech" -- when it quite obviously isn't.( Great examples of ACLU and Librarians Gone Wild mischaracterizations of the First Amendment in Cleveland.)Just like the "Library Bill of Rights" granting "rights" to children when these so-called rights actually are expressly denied in constitutional case law.Such arguments cut no ice with the local community, which pays the library's bills. Along comes a politician who knows all of this, knows the law, holds the power and purse strings, has common sense, and she... just...says..."NO!"And "no" it is.Or, as General Dreedle said in the lunch line when told he had to sign a loyalty oath to get his food (banging his tray on the counter):"Gimme EAT!"

Sorry, I was working from my leaky literary memory....Actually it was the Godlike Major _____ De Coverly who said it. And then demanded,"Give everybody eat!"

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