EPA halts library closures

After releasing a plan in August 2006 that would restructure its library system and eliminate several locations, the Environmental Protection Agency has halted further closures of the libraries in response to heavy criticism from lawmakers and advocacy groups.
Despite the concerns raised, the EPA maintains that greater access will be allowed through the online services, and that materials from closed libraries are still available.


to have some good news from the Feds

How many libraries have already been closed and the stuff boxed up and "stored" in some salt cave somewhere and how many librarians have been fired?As to their history of digitizing stuff...they did have a kinda clunky service that had many reports digitized which allowed you to read ONE PAGE AT A TIME...But not everything was there and sometimes a report you could find for awhile would vanish... and somehow the juicy stuff showing with info Erin Brokovich would love to discover never got digitized...But of course funding for the EPA labs and the staff who created those reports which showed stuff the Corporate polluters don't want you to know has been cut for years so there's little recent stuff to digitize...It would be great if the libraries could come back and provide useful service again and improve howthey digitized stuff and provide access to it...BUT how much damage has already been done?Heck EPA began eagerly closing and packing up their libraries when the funding cuts were just a rumor...EPA facing Bush funding cuts wanted the little money they got used for other stuff than their libraries...like extravagant salaries for their Bush appointedexecs...

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