Another Laptop Pornophile Busted in Michigan

Anonymous Patron writes

Again, as with the previous case, it isn't clear if he was really accessing the stuff over the library's network (the city's public safety director is quoted as saying he confessed to "downloading and viewing" in the library, but that comes off as cop-talk to me). From what they found when they searched his house, I'm inclined to believe he probably had it on his hard drive beforehand.

At any rate, he's facing a dozen felony counts and he's 73, so it's not likely we'll have to worry about him any further.

To those of you "in the business": Is porn via Wi-Fi or toted in on patron laptops becoming a problem in your libraries, or are these instances still anomalous? I have a hard time imagining anyone doing this in a public place unless deep down inside, they really want to get caught." Story from the Detroit News:


People who produce child pornography should be killed. Those who simply consume it should ... well be killed as well.

Well, Mdoneil, that's a dramatic response to this issue. Too bad it isn't more ... productive. Or even novel. Or less tiresome. Is there something more mature that we could do to work on this problem? Killing people rarely solves problems - it just removes them from your view. Hardly a solution.

For my entire life I have opposed the death penalty as a method of addressing crime. There is no crime more horrible, more damaging, more disgusting than the sexual assault of a child, particularly a very young child.

It seems that short prison terms don't work, it seems that long prison terms don't work, it seems that therapy is ineffective.

When I was in high school a male teacher raped several boys. Two of the are now dead, others have had their lives ruined. He went to prison for a short time, and took a teaching job in a different state and repeated his crime.

Rape a child, die. Force a child into sexual performance, die. Benefit from these crimes by profiting or viewing this type of obscenity, die.

I'm still not in favor of executing murderers, but child rapists - I'll give them the injection myself. There is no prison harsh enough for these people, no torture would be painful enough. The only solution to keep them from repeating their disgusting, perverted, twisted behavior is to kill them.

You got a solution that would surely work I'm willing to listen.

Is porn via Wi-Fi or toted in on patron laptops becoming a problem in your libraries, . . .

It seems to me that material on a laptop being brought into a library by a patron is private property. Of course, courtesy, civility, and good manners are not in vogue in the U.S., so too many ignoramuses don't understand that some things are best viewed in privacy, and too many reactionaries, even among librarians, would rather piss away any amount of money on ineffectual efforts to control instead of setting aside a small space with a degree of privacy.

I just told them to look at their dirty pictures at home.

Fang and I are agreeing again.

Child porn however would have invited a good swift begin with.

Would that not be Ignorami? My mind wandered when the good Father taught Latin.

setting aside a small space with a degree of privacy.PEEPSHOW @ your libraryFine idea! Simply marvelous! That'll keep the tax dollars flowin' on in!

Run along junior; there are intelligent people here that do not confuse providing privacy with providing content who are trying to have some serious conversations. Since you aren't one of us, you can just toddle off back to your sandbox.

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