LISNews Meetup In DC Is On!

Help spread the word.... The LISNews / LISHost gathering is on!
Location: Capitol City Brewing Company (Capitol Hill location, 2 Massachusetts Ave, NE)
Date: Saturday, June 23rd
Time: 6pm - ???.
What: Dinner, drinks and discussion.
I'm buying the first round.
I'd like to be able to give them some idea of how many people will be coming, so let me know via IM, Email or in the comments below.
Update: 06/15 14:41 GMT by B :There's still room for a few more. We currently have around 30 people who have responded positively, and another 10 who say maybe. It looks like that first round will cost me more than I had thought!


It seems we have more time. Count me in none the less.

Customized? Writing my name with a Sharpie on a stick-on nametag?

GAC--if you show up, I can promise you a custom nametag. How many of those do you get?

I will plan on attending, but I will not make a guarantee. I receive constant demands for personal appearances.

...a couple more libraries or individuals would buy IN MY BOOK cards, I might've shown up too! Sorry to miss the fun. Have one for the birdie with a big toast to Blake.

Hi Daniel--I'm looking forward to meeting you and lots of other LISNewsters from over the years.

As a gonzo, I consider it my personal duty to attend any event which involves librarians and drinking. You will see me there. The Capitol Kolsch sounds incredibly interesting. There's another beer there from Yakima, my hometown. I could go all the way across the country to drink beer from home...Or I could have something good.

Or other pirate like noise. Now I can't go because I have to go out of town for work.

I'll be there.

Sigh. So I can go to the LITA Happy Hour at the Downtown DC Capitol City Brewing Co., or the LISNews meetup at the Capitol Hill location...

Tough choice. Not sure which I'll make, if either.

Wha? That's not good enough for you? How about printed on a low-end home printer? Huh? How's that for custom.

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