Life is a library, and you are allowed to talk!


Mary Abdoney has this interesting story to share, she writes:

\"I have a story to share with you, however. I\'m sure you have seen the
very imaginative ads for Cingular wireless service. When the ads first
started, I absolutely fell in love with them and thought they deserved
an award. Until yesterday.

As I was driving in my car in the North Tampa area with my mother, we
spotted a billboard with that familiar little orange guy and his (or
her?) quotation bubble. The quotation is what got me; it read \"Life is
not a library. You\'re allowed to talk.\"

More.....\"My mother was the first to spot it, and pointed it out to me very
offended. Do people still think that libraries are the \"SHHHHHHHHHHH\"
palaces of the world? I certainly hope not! People are (in my
experience) encouraged to talk and share ideas about what they are
learning. I have even been to the media center of my university\'s
library (Univeristy of South Florida) to relax between classes to find a
small radio playing classical music and NPR news! It was wonderful!

I think Cingular needs to take another look at libraries and realize
that most have a \"quiet room\" now, and that communication is among the
most important concepts that libraries foster.

How many times have you been distracted by the sound of a person typing
on a computer? Probably more times than a person whispering, or
speaking low. I allow all sorts of communication in my library, as well
as typing on keyboards.

Life is a library, and you are allowed to talk!

Mary Michel Abdoney

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