A Fresh Start for the Internet


Researchers at Stanford University are on a mission to completely revamp the Internet. Plans for their multipart program, called the Clean Slate Design for the Internet, was presented to the public Wednesday at the school's annual Computer Forum. Ultimately, the researchers hope to make the Internet safer, more transparent, and more reliable by reconsidering both private and public networks.
This Whitepaper
how the program is structured, and identifies five key areas for

  1. Network architecture
  2. Heterogeneous applications
  3. Heterogeneous physical layer technologies
  4. Security
  5. Economics & policy


Other than the Technology Review article, is there anything new here? The whitepaper is almost a year old and the Clean Slate website does not list any seminars for this calendar year. There is mention of Stanford's annual "Computer Forum", but there doesn't seem to be much beyond that.

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