Shift Happens


In case you haven't seen it yet, Did You Know? has been making the rounds the past few months. It's a slideshow which summarizes some of the changes taking place around the globe these days, with a focus on information. Bonus points if you can name the background music.


Do you need a special chair to pull that many 'facts' our of your arse?

Hmm, back up a second there mdoneil. The original creator of this presentation, a teacher at Arapahoe (CO) High School named Karl Fisch, actually did document his sources for all of these statements: dyouknow/sourcesfordidyouknow.pdfNow granted, there are a number of citations of secondary sources there that would deserve a little more thorough review of their original sources, but he's most certainly *not* pulling facts out of his arse.The presentation shown here was actually adapted by someone else from a presentation Fisch originally created for his school. More details at now.html

Oh, well please send that chair my way.

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