Ozzy Osborne for Black History Month?!?!?!

Grumpy Librarian writes "YBP's Community College Center provides "custom lists" of books on certain topics. I've always assumed that these were somehow selected, but the "Black History" list (released this month for obvious reasons) includes the book: Black Sabbath: Doom Let Loose: An Illustrated History and Black November: The Carl D. Bradley Tragedy — a book about a commercial shipping accident.

Have we become so lazy in our collection development that vendors can search their catalogs for black AND history and call it a selection tool?"


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Apparently. I hope more effort went into selection.


I hope they still bought the Black Sabbath book. Black Sabbath f*cking rocks.

for gosh sakes

And all the books by Jeremy Black like A Military History of Britain

Well, maybe he also has a dream

plus a few hallucinations...

just kidding.

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