All It Takes To Be A Librarian...

stevenj writes "The Family Circus cartoon for Jan. 27 is another classic. Since FC isn't online until a month after the comic appears in print (just open up the newspaper folks) here's the gist of the cartoon. Billy and Dolly are coming out of the library. Dolly says to Billy "To be a librarian, all you have to learn is how to say "SHH!". We all know Dolly isn't the brightest light on the comics page, but now she's spreading that old librarian stereotype. I think this calls for Leslie Burger to lay the smackdown on Bill Keane. It could be worse. Maybe next month Dolly will touch off a real firestorm by telling Jeffy "I may be dumb, but I'm a lot smarter than all those librarian bloggers.""


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The only rational response ...

... to this cartoon is for librarians to visit the Dysfunctional Family Circus Archive.

Re:The only rational response ...

...actually the only rational response to a little girl's view of what a librarian probably looks like to her is to laugh.


Why in my days as a reference librarian, I'd simply walk over to the offender and strangle him! Had no time for subtle hints.

view the comic here

You view the comic here

Re:The only rational response ...

OR perhaps the Nietzche Family Circus - amazingly apt quotes from N

Re:view the comic here

If the above Houston Chronicle link isn't working for you, try the archive at the ArcaMax Publishing web site:

Family Circus Comic for 01/27/2007


I think I actually shush people more in my personal life than my professional one. :-D

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