Help A Friend Find Key Dates in Library History

I'm passing along a request I read on my discussion board for Friends of the Library USA...John Gear writes to FOLUSA :

I'm with the Friends of Lansing Libraries (Lansing, MI).
We're considering underwriting with our local NPR affiliate in return for acknowledgments. We can't afford their regular rotation schedules, so I thought that maybe we could get some extra mileage out of fewer spots by placing them on key dates in library history, such as the day that Franklin's library was founded in Philadelphia, etc. etc. etc.

Problem is, I'm having a hard time finding such a list. Does anyone have one or know of a good pointer to where I might find such a thing?

John Gear


I found a couple things:

Book and Technology Mobile Time Line--Mostly just years, but might be a good starting point.

Haven't looked at this site too closely, but it looks interesting and might be a good jumping off point: Library History Buff

Some links to primary sources, articles, etc.:Infography, sources linked by an unnamed professor, but look good.

Try the Chase's Calendar of Events, which is published annually. It is not limited to library or literary dates, but does include many. It covers holidays, annual, monthly, weekly--and even special days--to celebrate. It is great for planning library events, as well.

I forgot to add--just check it out at your local public library.

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