Did you watch "The Librarian?"


I tried to be a good sport and watch last night's sequel to 2004's "The Librarian: Quest of the Spear." But, alas, I gave up on "Return to King Solomon's Mines" after about 30 minutes. What little review I have is here at Tinfoil+Raccoon. Let us know if you reviewed it on your blog or leave your review here, if you like.


Brain candy heavy on the cheese.I liked it -- won't watch it again but it was a no brainer. If you expected an award winning masterpiece then take a freakin' pill.

Wasn't expecting much, and didn't even get enough of that. ;-)

It was cute, and stole liberally from many different moves. but I had dificulty staying interested. Noah Wyle is a good actor, and Jonathan Frakes can be a good director, but better material would be required. I also noticed that Noah Wyle was the producer. Can you say Vanity Project?

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