Rating system urged at libraries

A Novel Idea from Merrylue Martin, a concerned patron of the Sno-Isle Libraries, in Washington. She heard some curse words in an audio book and wrote to Sno-Isle Libraries and asked that the audio book, "Alice in Jeopardy" by Ed McBain, be removed from the shelves. Meanwhile, Martin developed a plan that would let patrons know whether an item they're considering checking out contains curse words or graphic sex scenes. Ideally, she'd like the library to implement a rating system, similar to the movie industry's G through NC-17 ratings.


This year's "Library Patron Who Probably Soaps The Fixtures Before Showering" Award goes to:Merrylue Martin

Sounds like it would be the reading list high school kids check before taking out a book to me.

Yes, Mr. McClay, I was thinking of health hazards when I replied, and I decided that the ultra-PC bullshit of cackling reactionaries who feel a need to protect us from ourselves as much as the screaming ravings of the ultra-self-righteous, stems from their asisinine, little hypersensitivities being offended.

"At the very least, she's asking Sno-Isle to keep a list of materials with curse words or graphic sex scenes that patrons can consult before checking out items."Um, does she understand just how long that list would be? It's an unreasonable request and I assume that the Sno-Isle libraries will treat it as such.

If you like really fancy or freaky food you have to get right with the idea of eating some raw egg every so often.Anyone who has eaten raw, and real, dough or batter has eaten raw eggs. Soft-cooked eggs are usually not cooked hot enough to make them pathogen-free.It's totally off-limits for babies. That's just stupid. Yes, you pull that book. Imagine a parenting book that advocated putting pre-teen girls on diets. That's just gotta go.

No, really Nellis? Who'd a thunk? However the issue of raw eggs in a recipe that, I assume, doesn't involve cooking or baking is considered a health hazard (salmonella poisoning I believe). Its not about being offended.

For any Good Eats fans out there Alton Brown did an episode on making egg nog that talked a lot about this and the federal regulations involved.


There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere. --Michael Nellis

There are a lot of things to be said about this article and I'll probably say a few on my own site but this brought me up short:

"Making Your Own Baby Food" was removed in 1997 after a reader complained that some of the recipes were out of date and contained materials such as raw eggs


I pity anyone who would take a rating system for books seriously. I mean, there's about 1000x more books published in the U.S. than movies every year. Who would do that? What criteria would you use? Would the censorship lean left or right? Do a certain of curse words merit a higher rating?

I rather have my kid read Stephen King over 9/10 of the crap on TV anyway (of course, most of kids would be scared of the length of the book).

Try sushi; every hear of fugu [spelling]? Salmonella is for wusses.

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