Laura Bush Reads Halloween Tale to Palm Beach Kids

birdie writes "At library First Lady Gets the Word Out .Invited by the library, Mrs. Bush proceeded to read The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt. It's a story about a fly that is lured into a spider's web by flattery. She stopped after each page to show the children the illustrations.

'What's the lesson?' Bush asked at the end. 'Just because someone says flattering words, don't be tricked into doing something you shouldn't.'"


I wonder if she wishes that she'd learned that before hooking up with the man who has become the current World's Bloodiest Handed Perpetrator of Crimes Against Humanity.

I also wonder if this lesson is in keeping with the right-wing tendency to militarize America and seduce or subvert children (as defined by that right-wing) into military service so as to promote American imperialism around the world.

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