Pimp My Bookcart! Contest

Unshelved, the daily library comic strip available at Overdue Media's Web site , has had such a response to its "pimp my bookcart" series--readers at libraries and schools said they were planning to "customize, augment or otherwise pimp" their bookcarts--that the site is having a "pimp my bookcart" contest for "libraries, schools, businesses and anyone with a bookcart that needs a little something extra."

Entrants should e-mail pictures of the pimped-out bookcart, including front, back and sides. Unshelved artists Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum will judge. Prizes galore!

Deadline is January 15.


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nice shirt

I just found my gift for the Christmas party gift swap.

Have you got mad skillz?

This shirt is on my list and I would enter the contest but I don't know if I've got the mad skillz necessary to craft a quality entry.

Re:Have you got mad skillz?

Never know 'til you try.

What's the worse that could happen?

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