Black students win CU appeal

A Follow up Story from the Denver Post.

A student group can have its Black History Month display.

Harold Bruff, dean of the University of Colorado law school, on Tuesday asked the law librarian to relent and allow the Black American Law Students Association to exhibit its take on the legal system\'s treatment of blacks throughout history.

The controversy started last week, after Barbara Bintliff, head of the law school library, asked to review the contents of the students\' display. According to Haygood, Bintliff rejected much of that content.

Bintliff has not responded to requests for comment.

\"We feel pretty good,\" said Ryan Haygood, president of the group. \"The students are really excited to see that we didn\'t have to settle for being treated - we felt - unfavorably.\"

After her decision, Haygood and other members of the association decided to take their case to a higher court. Monday, Haygood and 10 students met with Bruff, two associate deans, an instructor and Bintliff to discuss the matter.

Tuesday, Haygood said his group planned to have the display up by Thursday.

He said he realized that there will only be 12 days left in Black History Month at that point, but Haygood said his group is looking ahead.

First off, he said there has been some talk about extending the display a few days into March, and possibly expanding the law school\'s observation of Black History Month next year to include speakers.

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