Free Museum Day- September 30th!

mdoneil writes "Print out this free pass for museums. Valid Saturday September 30th. The Smithsonian is encouraging other museums to let you in for free that day. Great for penny pinching librarian types!"


I turn 41 on Saturday. How thoughtful of the Smithsonian to think of me!It is all about me, isn't it? :-)Or it could be for a former co-worker who was also born on September 30th but is turning 31. Our exactly a decade apart births were a good conversation piece for library staff.Maybe AL or LJ could print a coupon saying that every day is free library day. And that unlike museums, you can take free stuff with you as long as you bring it back. Can't do that with an original Van Gogh!

Hey, happy B-day Daniel! Enjoy the day.

41 is fantastic, at least the first month and a few days has been. Feliz Cumpleanos!

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