UK Schoolchildren are Being Fingerprinted

Anonymous Patron writes "icLiverpool: Kids across Merseyside are being fingerprinted in the classroom, it was claimed last night.

Five schools in Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington are said to be among hundreds in the country to use a new biometric system.

The Government says the method is mainly used for accessing school libraries, but critics last night described it as a "big brother system"."


1. Not getting parental consent is a big No-No.

2. The fact that kids in primary school are getting finger-printed is, in and of itself, not a big deal. I remember the police coming to schools when I was a kid to try and get kids finger-printed. I forget what the safety issues were but its hardly anything new.

I think they did it so they could identify the bodies when some pervert kidnapped and murdered them.

The nuns always said everything I did would go down on my permanent record, I guess they've computerized them now.

I've always pushed for patrons to have their barcodes tattooed across their forehead (coz they keep losing their swipe cards) ...

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