Newton's Director Now Head of Mass. Library Assn.


Anonymous Patron writes " The Boston Globe: Libraries no longer can rest on their bookshelves. Whether it's supplying fast access to Internet databases or cool air and a cozy seat, libraries must meet a new range of consumer demands to retain their central spot in the community. And they must do so -- at least in Massachusetts -- on drastically reduced budgets.

That is the challenge Kathy Glick-Weil relishes tackling as she takes over as president of the Massachusetts Library Association"


Censored by the publib moderators at for an end to publib censorship !...and for a more open forum like at Real Sheet Public Library Professional Staff AssociationVolume 35, Number 2February-March 2006Letter to Elissa Cadillic, President, AFSCMEDear President Cadillic,
        We are writing to you, your fellow officers and the membersof AFSCME Local 1526 to communicate our support for theprincipled and courageous position you expressed in your letterdated 9/16/2006 to Boston Public Library PresidentBernard Margolis that letter you responded to President Margolis' request thatyou ask one of your members, who wrote an article in your unionnewsletter that he found "offensive," to"reconsider both the substance and tone of her columns, and that
  you cease and desist from printing opinions which are designed
  to pull us apart rather than to help us work together."
        In your response, you pointed out that the union's newsletteris created, published and paid for by the union members.Each issue contains a disclaimer that the views expressed do notnecessarily reflect the views of the local.Most importantly, you asserted, "...the ONLY censoring I will doof my members will be profanity in print.I support the right to express their opinions in our unionnewsletter and do not feel it is my place to tell them what tosay or how to say it."
        We support you in that position and could not agree more.President Margolis asserts in his letter that he has spent muchof his career "standing firmly in support of freedom ofexpression."We concur with him about the importance of this position.That is why we find his request that you "cease and desist" botha violation of his own principles and the American LibraryAssociation Resolution on Workplace Speech which states that"libraries should encourage discussion among library workers,
  including library administrators, of non-confidential
  professional and policy matters about the operation of the
  library and matters of public concern within the framework of
  the law." (Library Personnel Practices, #54.21).
        At a time when so many of our best democratic traditions areunder threat, public libraries are critical to help preservethese traditions, including open and free discussion and debate.A healthy work environment can only exist when staff feet free toexpress their opinions, whether perceived to be positive ornegative.We are eager to work with you, your members and theadministration to help create a work environment at the BostonPublic Library where all of us feel free to express our opinions,without fear of retribution.Sincerely,Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association ExecutiveBoardPSA E-BoardPresident John Devine, Microtext Department x2226
  jdevine at bpl.orgVice-President/President Elect Betsey Lipmeier,
  Government Documents Department x2226 blippmeier at bpl.orgPast President Richard Campagna, Accounting Department x4393
  rcampagna at bpl.orgChief Steward Karen Shafts, Print Department x2280
  kshafts at bpl.orgSecretary Marta Pardee-King, Social Sciences Department x2261
  mpardeeking at bpl.orgTreasurer Liz Smith, Hyde Park Branch x 3206 esmith at bpl.orgRepresentative from Central Jane Kenschaft,
  General Reference Department x2017 jkenschaft at bpl.orgRepresentative from Central Jon Cuppini,
  Systems Department Office x4232 jcuppini at bpl.orgRepresentative from Branches Amy Manson, Connolly Branch x1110
  amanson at bpl.orgRepresentative from Branches Barbara Rhodes, Jamaica Plain x1410
  brhodes at bpl.orgProfessional Staff Association Contact InformationPSA Office, McKim Building, Stack 3across from Interlibrary Loan Departmenttel 617 536-5400 x2252fax 617 262-5452PSA E-Board email distribution list psaboard at bpl.orgemail distribution list for all PSA members psa at bpl.orgThe Real SheetBoston Public Library Professional Staff AssociationTable of Contents PageFeaturesPresident's Message 2Notes from Under 4MinutesPSA E-Board2/10/2006 23/10/2006 3Membership Meeting 5ReportsJoint Health and Safety 5Grievance Report 6Letter to AFSCME President 1Real Sheet Union Newsletter EditorsKatie Barett, Social Sciences Department x2261
  lbarrett at bpl.orgJane Kenschaft, General Reference Department x2255
  jkenschaft at bpl.orgMarta Pardee-King, Social Sciences Department x2261
  mpardeeking at bpl.orgBetsy Schultz, Brighton Branch x3010 eschultz at bpl.orgKaren Shafts, Print Department x2280 kschafts at bpl.orgSend submissions for the Real Sheet by the15th of each month.Submissions may be edited.We encourage you to send in items for the Staff Achievementsection.Items can include professional honors, workshops and conferencesattended or presentated, as well as your departmental and branchprogramming.PSA Office HoursMonthly 2nd Wednesday 1-2pmMonthly 4th Thursday 12-1pmCome and join brown bag update sessions with PSA members

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