Clinton Library Foundation Members Want to Just Say No to Bubba and Wife


Board members of the foundation raising funds for the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, are so upset about the ongoing pardon scandal, which has called attention to their own activities, that they want to hang a \"Keep Out\" sign on the 3,000 square foot living space which was to be designated as the Clinton\'s residence in Little Rock.

The fear that the apartment, which is to be located within the library, could easily become a center for controversy and speculation, has caused some board members to recommend that the plans for the Clinton\'s living area be eliminated altogether.Since the Clinton pardon scandal erupted, financial support for the insitution has decreased substantially to the point where it is nearly non-existent. It appears that no one wants to contribute funds to an organization which may, at any moment, find itself at the center of federal investigations by congress, and the IRS, and whose activities may fall under constant scrutiny by the federal government, private citizens and the press. And, it would appear that their concerns are justified. Just this past week, Fox News reported on this story which stated that \"Congress is looking into whether any donations made to the Clinton Library project were tied to any of the former president\'s last-minute pardons.\"

Whaddaya think? Do ya s\'pose Willy and Wife used the library in a bad way? One might suspect that activities in the new Clinton Presidential establishment may give new meaning to the concept of pornography in the library.

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