The Photographic Preservation Society


Photographic Preservation Society was founded on a belief in the value of history, a reverence for the past, and a recognition of the importance of future access to photographic images reflecting that past. PPS exists to preserve historically significant photographic collections. To conserve, document and celebrate the images of history through the highest quality digital reproduction and documentation of important data about the images. To forestall the deterioration of our photographic treasures through archival care in environments that are temperature, humidity and light controlled. To allow future generations access to these images through an online Virtual Museum.

Photographic Preservation Society was created as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit to aid libraries and museums which lack the funds and expertise necessary to preserve their historical photographic collections. Utilizing the most advanced methodologies, hardware and software, PPS will record each image and its metadata to the highest archival standards, enabling the owner to properly store the originals. The photographic duplicates may then be used as many times and in as many ways as necessary.

Through an easily searchable database viewers can access the images without human touch, allowing PPS to achieve its goal of protecting fragile originals. PPS will incorporate these images and metadata into its online Virtual Museum, offering them to a global audience.

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