Titles Of Harry Potter Fanfics We'd Rather Not See

Anonymous Patron writes "Capn Wacky's Lists Covers Harry Potter Fanfic. Some funnies include "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Kidney Stone" and "Harry Potter and the King of Pop".See also, Signs Your Kid Spends Too Much Time Reading Harry Potter Books...Insisted on a pet owl, and is constantly disappointed when it brings him field mice instead of mail."


Harry Potter and the site that was blocked by BESS. Guess somebody doesn't want people reading about gargoyle reacharounds and sorcerers' "stones".

As a dedicated reader and writer of slash fanfic I was lmao at this. And nodding in agreement. Unfortunately, there are most likely fics out there about those topics if not those exact titles. It's not just the HP fandom, either. In every fandom, ya know, there's the bad!fic that just makes you want to poke your eyes out. Fortunately there's some good stuff out there too.

There are a few websites and LiveJournals dedicated to showcasing bad!fic. Recently, on an LJ dedicated to bad!fic which I frequent, there was a great line that came from an HP story in which Hermione has a secret admirer. Anyhow, Ron is in love with her, (he might or might not be the SA. I don't know, I couldn't read the whole thing) but when he tells Hermione he loves her, he says: "I am so in love with you that I'm on the brick of insanity." ...This is probably one of the best lines EVER. Yes, bad!fic can push one onto the brick of insanity. *lol*

Heh. Must go share this list...


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