cjovalle writes: "Here's a scary story I first encountered at librarian.net... Apparently, either code or human error caused one copy of every item in a PSU library ordered since May 2001 to be reordered when someone attempted to update the system to daylight savings time. I hear stories about ILS's fairly often (not allowing deleting without losing everything, using different keys to do the same thing depending on the screen, other usability issues), but nothing like this! Are there other troubling stories out there?"


With SIRSI all things are possible.

You know, considering how few facts we have on this incident, I'd lay off the Sirsi bashing until we find out what actually happened.

IN 2002, Penn State New Castle branch offered me an interview for entry level academic MLIS position and told me I would make $6 an hour

They had my resume which has a BS in Computer Sci and MLIS

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