All are invited to submit 52-second films


An old friend of mine is involved with an arts organization called Hall Farm. He's helping get the word out about their upcoming 52-second film festival.

The 52-Second Film Festival - With the first public screening of a motion picture on December 28, 1895, brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiére ushered in the age of cinema. The event was a demonstration of their device, the cinematograph, which served as camera, projector, and printer. The length of the Lumiéres' original reels was 52 seconds.

The 52-Second Film Festival poses the challenge of the original motion picture and presents the opportunity for artists working in a variety of media to revisit and re-invent this most original of mediums. Judges will include filmmakers, writers, visual artists, and performers, who will watch every entry and select finalists and winners.

I know we don't have a lot of filmmakers on this list, but come on. You can make a 52-second film using your cellphone! I'm encouraging everyone to put something together and submit it. Wouldn't it be cool if a librarian won the prize?

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