Help needed from Librarians to complete book project


Godfrey Oswald writes \"Dear Librarians

I am near the final completion of a major project, to update the
Info Connect List of LIS Records 1999.

This is a factual reference book (first published in 1997), of the
major records on libraries, information science and librarianship,
akin to the \"Guinness Book of Records\".

It includes such records as, the oldest university library in the
world,the most expensive library in the world, the largest public
library in Europe, the 100 largest and important libraries in the
world, the first CD-ROM database.

The new edition is to be called \"The Book of Library Records\"
and is to be made available in book printed and electronic version.

I am seeking information on any new entries to add to the new edition.

Here is how you can help me....

1) First read through the current edition at

2) Next you know of any updates to add, or any brand new entry you
know about,please e-mail me at:

[email protected]

or [email protected]

or you can complete a feedback form at

Please send in new entries by April 30th 2001.

Many thanks.

Info Connect List of LIS Records
UK. \"

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