FBI does not have email because it is a threat

mdoneil writes "Robert Muller head of the FBI said all agents to not have external email addresses because it may be a security threat.

"E-mails can also be the source of viruses," said Mueller. "They can be a source of worms. They can be used to launch denial of service attacks. And consequently, in our secure environment we have to use e-mail in a closed system, but also have access to e-mail outside. And we do have that."

The Tampa SAIC said everyone has email accounts in his office. For more read the BayNews9 story here.
Ya know, sometimes I just want to gouge my eyes out when I read such stupidity. If the FBI can't secure its network then why do I even bother. Who lets these clowns speak in public, we would be better off with Ice-T opening the new FBI office."


A reason why we shouldn't use fire (ie for cooking). Fire can burn down houses and forests!

Almost no secure networks allow the sending or receiving of e-mail except within the network. This is not big news. And, yes, this does mean that the regular internet cannot be made secure and that all we regular mortals are vulnerable. Get over it and move on.

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