Teen gets two years, sex offender therapy in library assault

From Michigan's mlive.com :

A juvenile court referee has ordered a 13-year-old boy who sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl in a library restroom to remain under the court's supervision for two years and to receive sex offender therapy.

The teenager, from Brighton, apologized to the girl during his sentencing hearing Monday, but Livingston County Juvenile Court Referee Kathleen M. Oemke called him a predator who is likely to commit sexual assault again.

"The problem is, while you are very sincere, we have not yet addressed what got you to this point of having to act out in this way," she told the teen. "You need help."


And Judge Oemke is making sure whomever sexually battered the boy is brought to swift and sure justice I hope. I ain't no scientist, but I will bet good money some adult abused the boy.

This makes me ill, we have advanced as a society such that our children are sexual objects and thus objectify those younger and weaker than them. We were better off dirt farmers.

I pray that both these children are able to leave this horrible period behind them an lead as normal lives as possible.

Adults who sexually batter children are the only thing that could ever make me pro-death penalty.

The idea that young adults cannot be sexual without having been previously molested by adults is an unwarranted assumption. It is one of the non-sequiturs used by power-tripping control freaks in their efforts to effect control of people over whom they have no legal authority. The boy might have been molested, but the odds are that what he did was his own idea.

Oh, thanks for clarifying that for me. When you were getting that PhD in psychology did you read "Pedophilia " in JAMA? Very enlightening about previous abuse and that risk factors for pedophilia often include having been sexually abused as a child. (JAMA. 2002;288:2458-2465.)

I'll put you down in the sex with seven year olds is OK column, and I'll put myself down as a power tripping control freak. Is that what you had in mind?

In this case, however, we are not talking about two pubescent teens experimenting in their parent's basement. We are talking about a 13 year old boy assaulting a 7 year old girl in a public restroom. That is significantly different. There is no mutual consent, and a 7 year old girl is not interested in sex and is not exploring her sexuality. Mdoneil is correct. A 13 year old that would attack a 7 year old in that fashion has probably been abused himself.

Feel free. It still won't be an accurate reflection of reality, but, hey, why should you let that bother you?

In this case, however, we are not talking about two pubescent teens . . .

No, but we might be talking about someone who is mentally disabled:

Bradford told the court that the teen has had "ongoing behavioral problems" since the first grade.

The teen's attorney, Mitchell Perrault, asked the court to consider home placement with community-based services including sex offender treatment. The teen has a mental ability three to five years behind his physical age, Perrault said.

The article doesn't cover this story to a sufficient depth.

If he was DD, they would have said that, I'm guessing, rather than saying he had behavioral issues. They are not the same thing. Saying that he had behavioral issues makes it sound even more like he was abused, probably sexually. It is certainly another symptom of sexual abuse. (I'm getting this from a friend who works with at risk families).

Actually, I don't think that Mdoneil is condeming the 13 year old either. If I read him correctly, he was reacting to the adult who abused the boy that created the personal circumstances that lead him to abuse the girl.

Hmmm, no one has ever come to look at my lists, and they are getting longer. I guess no one cares.

Well thanks for the discussion.

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