"Gun Librarian" gets 7 year jail term

Pete writes "While not taking place in a library setting, this JSOnline story is interesting, "In law enforcement lingo, Chambers, now 23, was in charge of the group's "gun library." Whenever one of its members needed a weapon, they would pick it up from him, according to the U.S. attorney's office. Later, they would return it.""


There are of course legitimate gun libraries. Cabela's sporting goods has gun libraries at some of its stores.

I have a number of completely legal firearms myself, so I guess I could be considered a gun librarian. I don't however loan them out to people to commit crimes. I don't loan them out at all they are under lock and key unless in use.

Making the analogy to libraries is interesting. The view on owning versus borrowing comes up. I'd rather own guns, but am happy to both borrow and own books. I suppose if I were a criminal I would want to just borrow a gun.

It's stores like Cabela's that keep Old Western Scrounger happily working. .300 Rook?! .50 Express (.50-95)?!

Did he keep records of who borrowed what and when? And if he did should he be made to reveal his patron records to the authorities? ;)

They used a National Security Letter :)

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