Librarians - role in improving student progress

Jay writes "This article points out that the libraries with outstanding educational and teaching programs can play a vital role in particpating students academic progress.

Excerpt: "According to information provided by Atkinson, there are many benefits to developing the libraries within the Lamar School District and the community. Teachers and the school librarians can work together to encourage students to experience the joys of reading, while offering additional options for small group instruction and individual pacing to enhance overall classroom learning. The libraries can use information skills with content standards to develop good readers, information-users, and life-long learners, while reinforcing classroom lessons."

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The importance of reading for students in the development of literacy and information skills cannot be stressed highly enough. However reading (at least, in the traditional book form) is perceived to be boring by many people when there are more entertaining alternatives such as television, Playstation, Internet, DVDs, etc., at their disposal. How do you compete against Playstation?? It is much more fun! The challenge for libraries is, then, how do you making reading as much fun? Or at least more interesting? If libraries don't meet this challenge, then the likes of Playstation and DVDs will occupy young people.

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