Harry Potter & Clifford the Big Red Dog REMOVED


Anonymous Patron writes "LA Daily News - Antelope Valley reports Twenty-three books including the latest "Harry Potter" were removed by Wilsona School District trustees from a list recommended by a parent-teacher committee for the Vista San Gabriel Elementary School library.
Trustees said one rejected book contained an unsavory hero who made a bad role model for children; another was about a warlock, which they said was inappropriate; and others were books with which they were unfamiliar and didn't know whether they promoted good character or conflicted with textbooks."


Great -- now I can add Clifford to the list of books which are pornographic (Where's Waldo), subversive and satanist (Eve Merriam's Halloween ABC), subversive and racist (Jambo Means Hello, a Swahili alphabet primer), subversive and . . . hell, I don't know . . . literate? (Alliterative ABC, or whatever the title is).

Oh, yeah -- and paper bags. Let's not forget how paper bags are offensive too.

their reasoning is a little questionable but I don't think HP and the Half-Blood Prince really belongs in an Elementary School Library either. As Harry gets older so should the reader.

A dog that size on a little island has got to be a major environmental hazard. Plus, he probably eats people.

Animalia, by Graeme Base. It presents the alpahbet in alliteration format.

And did I forget to mention The Lorax and The Butter Battle Book? Both by Dr. Seuss?

I suppose they had to ban that one ... ;)

Clifford lives on an Island? I've read the books to the kids at work for several years now but have never seen it mentioned that he lives on an island. Nor have I noticed the shoreline.

If they want to ban something, ban Franklin the turtle for the love of god! The little green bastard is so annoying...


Well, I once saw the Clifford book where he drew a cartoon of the Prophet with a bomb.

Well, then they should ban Republicans... They're "Red" too...


I guess I'm just missing the point. Good for me.

He lives on "Birdwell Island" in the television series. That's a nod to original Clifford author Norman Bridwell. I'd guess that new titles that came out after the TV series debuted might make reference to the island as well.Can ya tell I have kids?

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