Austria Imprisons Author for 1989 Holocaust Denial

Search Engines Web wrote in with the news today about a revisionist historian (Holocaust denier) being convicted. David Irving, who expressed his views during a speech in Austria in November 1989, was given a three year jail sentence by a Vienna court. Bad scientists take note? We've mentioned the legality of anti-Semitic works previously, as well as other no-no titles.


Canada legislates mainstream opinion too. I've got to wonder why somebody doesn't tell those spineless wimps to suck it up. How strong can a country or idea be if it needs to be protected by criminalizing dissenting opinions?

And one thing that's really bassackward about this imprisonment is that not all Holocaust deniers are sympathetic to nazism. Some of them are simply people who have reserved judgement. I've got to wonder if this isn't overcompensation for Austria's part in the Holocaust. Both Austria and Poland were more vehemently antisemitic, socio-culturally speaking, than Germany was during the Hitler era.

Holocaust denial is not a "dissenting opinion." It is a denial of the most horrific chapter in world history! Pretending it did not occur demeans the 10 million innocent lives that were lost. Those with "reserved judgement" are just WRONG. There is no judgement to make. It happened and any defense of hatred is irresponsible.

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