Bentonville Friends Have a Booksale

The Read It Again Bookstore in Bentonville, AR, is the library's own second-hand bookstore. Their booksale sold a ton of books in preparation for their move to another location.

Ask LISNews: Booksales are great for fundraising, but why do so many Friends organizations only charge $.50 for books when many new books cost well over $20 these days? What do you think of the pricing?


If their sale is anything like what happens at my library, getting the books out of the building is more important than selling each one at a higher price. No one around here looks forward to the post-sale packing up of books and lugging them to storage.Also, I would estimate that about 60% of the books in a library book sale are in good or poor condition (worn covers, ex-library, etc.), thus charging $0.50 for paperbacks and $1.00-$2.00 for hardcovers is about what one might expect for books of that quality from any other used bookseller.

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