Not a single shop sells only children's books

A Report AT Ha'aretz Daily says Egypt's children can buy the affordable old books distributed by the governmental publishing house Dar Al Maaref, written over 50 years ago. "But they are so out of date and written in a language children find difficult to understand," complained Abul Magd in an interview with the Egyptian monthly, "Egypt Today." Children's literature is a painful subject that comes up each time a book fair is held in Egypt - and is dropped just as quickly. Thus, for example, only one session will be devoted to the subject of children's literature and its distribution problems in Arab countries, among the dozens of other discussions that will be held in the context of the fair.


the religion forbids "picturization" of any humans or animals...this essentially disallows any kind of picture book, ruling out any appropriate books for children 1-8.

For example, I've seen the Spot (open the flap) books in Arabic, but they are not allowed to be used by Muslim children of devout families...Spot is a dog, therefore, his image cannot be printed in a book. Big dilemma.

If anyone knows more about this subject, I'd be interested.

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