NSA spying on Americans...60 Mins transcript.

mdoneil writes "Cryptome, has posted a transcript of a 60 Minutes show involving the NSA spying on US citizens inside the US without a warrant!

The transcript shows that not only were telecommunications such as telephone calls, mobile phone calls and computer data transmitted over the Internet monitored, but such innocuous things as baby monitors are being used to spy on average Americans.

See the entire transcript on this chilling revalation here"


I've heard about ECHELON for decades. It's official existence has never been confirmed or hard evidence offered. When and if it is, we can begin appropriate hearings and oversight into the program and prosecute any former and/or current officials who are found to violate the law, unless they're whistleblowers (i.e. bringing proof of illegal activities to light.)Baby monitors? Even I'm not that paranoid! :-)Granted IF ECHELON exists and IF it was fully authorized by Congress, then the President's case that has broken no law would be greatly strengthened.I suggest you write the President and suggest that he declassifies the existence of ECHELON and its appropriate statutory authority immediately as a defense. Until it's existence is confirmed, I place it under the category of possible but unproven conspiracy theories and thus inoperable as a defense.Of course if ECHELON really existed, why would the President need a separate program that gives him less coverage?

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