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Harvard's "sexy librarian" Loses Bid for Union Seat


A Harvard librarian who lost a lawsuit against the school claiming she was bypassed for promotion because she dressed too provocatively has been trounced in her bid to become an officer of the Harvard employees' union.

Desiree Goodwin, who became known as the "sexy librarian" when she unsuccessfully sued Harvard in federal court for race and sex discrimination, ran for a seat on the 17-member executive board of the Harvard University Clerical and Technical Workers union, calling for more diversity among the university's administrative staff and a clearer process for advancement. Goodwin claims she was passed over for promotion 16 times because of her provocative dress, among other reasons. Boston Magazine Has More.


"I find it highly ironic that Harvard would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars educating motivated employees only to then give preference to outside applicants for promotions," Goodwin says.

Organizations go through cycles all the time were it becomes better off to hire outsiders. Outsiders bring new energy and ideas. Maybe Harvard is going through one of these cycles of change.

How do you get fixed ?... so that it'saccessible for Public Libraries' Mac users !See also[email protected]

Are you just randomly posting?

He does that.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

Well, if you have Don's unusual sequitur powers, not really:

Harvard is in (or nearby) Boston.

Boston Public Library is in Boston.


It's not non-sequitur, it's Saklad Sequitur.

Well, Overdrive downloadable audiobooks do not work on Macs in Florida either.

I think it is a vast conspiracy - although it probably originated in Beantown.

Truly "Are you just randomly posting?" was the funniest thing I read all day and I had to explain to my co-worker who is an USF MLS student why I was sitting at the desk laughing out loud. I had to explain the who DWS story, which of course was illustrated with several web pages retrieved using our good friend google.

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