Idaho Trustee resigns over library hiring flap

Odd One from Bonner County Daily Bee - Sandpoint,ID, where A trustee for the East Bonner County Library, who served the library for nearly three years, has resigned her position following a community outcry over the hiring of a registered sex offender as the library's circulation attendant. Lutes, 42, was hired by the library in late September after seven months as a library volunteer. She pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a Bonner County girl when she was 14 years old in 2003 and served one year in the Bonner County Jail.


To be clear the abuser was not 14, the victim was 14.

Some people have principles, obviously Ms. Peterman has principles, and from what I read in the article she is one of the few in her community.

To place a convicted sex offender - indeed a sex offender convicted of a crime in which a child was the victim - in a position in which they must come in contact with children is absurd. The woman is a registered sex offender for crying out loud. Would you hire an embezzeler to do the bookkeeping, an armed robber as a security guard? Of course not, but to hire a convicted pervert child rapist as a circulation attendent was OK?

What the hell were these people thinking. obviously in my opinion Gunter the director is a raving lunatic. The board must be impotent or incompetent to let a library director get away with hiring sex offenders. If the board is that useless I can't blame Ms. Peterman for leaving - in fact it was the only sane thing to do.

I don't mean to imply that sex offenders should not get jobs, but child rapists should find some nice factory work or something such so they don't have to interact with children. I can't believe her probation officer signed off on this nonsense. Something is just not right in Idaho.

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