Yes, We Have No Bananas or Rules are Rules


JET contributes "a column by Sherry Jacobson from the Dallas News... Are rules going too far past 'Shhhhh! This is a library'? The downtown Dallas library has become a no-tolerance zone, just like the airports since 9-11. The rules are the rules. And if you break one, you will suffer the consequences."


Yes her son is so much more special than all of the other people who use the library. He should be allowed to eat, heck they should open a buffet just for him because he is unique -just like everyone else.

I would be mortified if my mother had a newspaper column in which she wrote about me breaking the library's rules and even more mortified if she were an apologist for me.

Of course the staff can bring food into the staff break room, few librarians can afford to eat out every day.

I mean this in the nicest possible way: Screw you and the horse you rode in on lady. Your kid broke the rules and got tossed out. It is not as if he violated some secret rule about walking only on the left side of the staris, he violated the posted no food rule. He could have gone outside to have his bananna, he could have gone to a restaurant, but you seem to think that your son is better than the other library users because he was studying. Well I hate to tell you but he is not; he is no better (or worse) than the homeless fellow who comes in to get out of the cold and quietly read the newspapers. I was wrong, the homeless guy follows the rules, your spoiled kid didn't; your son is worse that some other patrons. So yeah and the horse.

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