LISWiki Breaks 1,000 Entries


John writes "Thanks in no small part to the donation of a 'library lingo' glossary, LISWiki now has over 1,000 articles. Does this mean that it now holds a candle to the wealth and caliber of information found in printed LIS encyclopedias? No way. Most of these records are basic definitions, and still other category structures are not developed at all.

But already, several LISWiki pages—such as the collectively-built list of chat reference libraries and a beefed-up piece on metadata—have shown the promise of a general LIS wiki. Library wikis have the potential to grow beyond a beyond a proof-of-concept and become useful resources… if enough people add information.

So if you have some time over the holidays, why not give the gift of your own knowledge, and contribute? Whether it's a paper you have collecting dust or information on a webpage that could be shared, now's the chance to show off your smarts."

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