Dewey Subject of Great Idea Contest


LibrErica writes "Dewey Decimal is the best idea since sliced bread? Just maybe. While conducting a contest for "The Best Idea Since..." the SEIU is soliciting entries for any common sense idea from any willing contributor about any topic under the sun. One submission suggests using the Dewey Decimal Classification system to make relevant web pages easier to find. Could the submission be a stealth attempt by a librarian? Could it be from an avid library patron? Check it out for yourself here:"


There are many examples of this in action from a directory perspective already. Here are a couple.

Dewey has its limitations in terms of scope and flexibility to be useful for the web. Not everybody wants to use Dewey. Dewey was designed for use in card indexes by librarians, which has a flat and two-dimensional structure. The web is three-dimensional and dynamic and constantly evolving. Search engines are designed to be used by lay people and therefore relatively easy to use, certainly easier to use than Dewey. Dewey is not the only method of classification. Those that find search engines unsatisfactory to their needs, don't use them!

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