The Council of Elders

An Anonymous Patron writes "The Louis Round Wilson Academy has been convened by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science (SILS) as global thought leaders and information revolutionaries who serve as a modern-day council of elders.
Here's The Press Release. Members were selected for their broad range of experiences and insightful outlooks that are focused on collecting, sharing and preserving the record of human accomplishment, activity and imagination."


Kudos to my alma mater for forming this group! I think their charge is admirable and they have the potential to do a good service.

But when I looked for the membership roster in the press release, I was struck by the irony of finding a giant 6 1/4" block o' text listing of an academy of "global thought leaders and information revolutionaries" without any line breaks instead of an easily readable columnar or bulleted list.

I'm pretty sure that neither Paul Jones nor Jimmie Wales had anything to do with drafting the web version of the press release; but maybe Jakob Nielsen should get the next invitation to join the Academy? ;-)

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