"Why Libraries Matter - A Story Long Overdue" E-book

Anonymous Patron writes "The Alliance Library System, and TumbleBooks Inc are pleased to announce the launch of a new animated online book entitled "Why Libraries
Matter: A Story Long Overdue." This Page Has down load options, or you can View The Book online, it's a Flash file.

The book, in both online and downloadable format, is available free to all public libraries and elementary schools in North America for use on their websites.
"Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue" is the charming tale, told in rhyming verse, of a young girl who shows her family and neighbors how important the library is to them and their community."


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Libraries are not that important to the government

The importance of libraries to communities is undeniable, then how come the funding of libraries is decreasing? The government seem to think other services are more important than libraries.

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