Wisconsin Librarians pose for sexy calendar to raise money


The Librarians at the Outagamie Waupaca Library System wanted to come up with a "different kind of gift" for Craig Lahm, who is retiring after 32 years of running the place. Twelve of them decided they would use photographs of themselves to make a simple calendar that they would print at a Walgreens. But after the librarians took their idea to Countryside Photographers in Seymour, they decided to professionally produce a calendar and sell it as a fund-raiser.

That's when six of the 12 librarians bailed out. But five middle-aged library directors and a 32-year-old assistant each put up $200 and posed provocatively, using oversize books to cover what their clothes usually do.

Me thinks Craig has been doing a fine job if his employees want to strip to say good bye.


The six who took part in the project posed for two months each.

Jeeze--I can't pose for more than a few minutes at a time. But, two months! That's professional dedication at its most hard-core.

I'm pretty sure I put my last foot in before 1.

Come on now I've seen you do the hokey-pokey!

All night parties? Can I hang out with you? I keep hearing about wild times at ALA, but can never keep my eyes open past 12 or 1. Is there a secret Late Night Party Roundtable? Do tell!

I'd moderate this, but sadly there isn't a moderation result called Rimshot.

Thank you we're here all week, and don't forget to tip your server.

But Bearkat, if we eliminate the all-night conference parties, we also, unfortunately, eliminate the pool of passed-out librarians that we can write rude things upon using permanent markers.Bearkat, why do you hate America?

We have a patron who likes to remove his pants.

I doubt he would want to be on a calendar. He probably is on a poster though, one from the police.

How many calendars and how many all-night parties at ALA Conferences is it going to take before we realize that the general public no longer perceives all librarians as the glasses on a chain and hair in a bun types?

As long as there remains a single member of the general public who views librarians that way, I, for one, am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of continuing to party during conferences. Who's with me? For the good of the profession! Hie, to the bar!

I have no intention of posing nude for a calendar, though, as there's a strong possibility the calendar would get mistaken for a Pillsbury Dough Boy promotion.

BTW, here's what happened to me at the last conference, when I drank so much I lost my clothes and got beaten up.

Shouldn't librarians be beyond changing perceived stereotypes by now? How many calendars and how many all-night parties at ALA Conferences is it going to take before we realize that the general public no longer perceives all librarians as the glasses on a chain and hair in a bun types? I cringe every time I see one of these stories. Our users could care less about what librarians are "made of". We should be spending more time on marketing our services than marketing ourselves. Embarrasing to say the least.

I noticed that their bi-weekly email newsletter is called Carpe Hootem. I'll leave crafting the joke as an exercise for the student.

Is this what libraries have to resort to for lack of funding? What next, I wonder?

There's a lot to be said about this joke. . .Too bad you can't say it on a family website!

Whoever gets the Director job there will have a hard time pulling that train. At least it sounds like an easy-going staff. Get it? Get it?

What does not liking librarian calendars and all-night parties have to do with not liking America? Does everybody in America do that? I have a family to take care of and my all-night parties ended in graduate school. I find it very insulting that you state that I don't like America when you don't know anyting about me. My dad is retired Army and my brother is currently serving in the Air Force; you can bet your life that I love America!My point is that we are spending way too much time trying to change the public's perception of librarians when we should be spending more time figuring out how librarians are going to evolve to fit into the rapidly evolving information age. About everyday I read an article where someone essentially stays "why do I need a library when I have Google"? If we don't place more emphasis on adapting our skills and marketing our services, we may have to pose nude for calendars for income after we have lost our jobs!

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